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First student health center opens at KazATU

On May 31 opening ceremony of the first student health centertook place in Seifullin KazATU, which was attended by the First KazATU Vice-Rector Aitzhan M. Abdyrov and head of Astana Health Department Aigul K. Segizbaeva.

In his speech, Mr. Abdyrov noted that the project was implemented with the assistance of Kazakhstan Ministry of Health in the framework of Salauatty Kazakhstan (Healthy Kazakhstan) health care state program, and memorandum of inter-agency cooperation between Astana Health Department and Seifullin KazATU had been signed.

Akhylbek K. Kurishbaev, KazATU Rector, corresponding member of Kazakh National Academy of Sciences, initiated opening of the clinic. His idea was actively supported by Kazakh Minister of Health Salidat Kayrbekova.

Today the clinic has 3 physicians, a psychologist, a gynecologist and 6 nurses, whose offices are equipped with IPVPN communication. In order to improve work of the health center its reception has a registry book of wishes and complaints, in which students expressed their gratitude to KazATU Rector and Minister of Health for providing a free quality health care without having to leave the campus.

In order to prevent social diseases (drug addiction, smoking, alcohol abuse) the student clinic together with KazATU’s department of education carries out regularly a number of activities that promote a healthy lifestyle among students.

The University provides students with a complete social support. Apart from the clinic there is a student drug store where medicines are sold at a price below market value. Prices for medications are constantly monitored by the Student Youth Committee of the University.


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