At S. Seifullin the Kazakh agrotechnical university took place regular graduating of young specialists. For years of the existence the university highly raised education level, having made its quality the main priority. Also  proved, that it can hold and lift this high level even above, combining process of training in the chosen profession with education of young people in the branch of  national tradition, fidelity to its roots.

In the wall of their own  university  future graduates will  get necessary knowledge on technical, agricultural,  social and economic specialties. It allows them further competently and more effectively to carry out the functional duties in practical activities, to seize new equipment, new knowledge.

During  59 years of the activity the university prepared and let out 64850 experts and bachelors for agriculture and other branches of economy. From the moment of opening of educational programs of postgraduate education 1351 persons got the master diploma. The general graduate around  university on all levels of  learning  makes 66201 students. Graduated from higher education institution, the diploma of a nation-wide sample about the higher education is handed.

In general, in 2015-2016 academic year 2432 students on 37 specialties of a bachelor degree  are let out (from them on full-time education-2242, including with honors 206, on half time education – 190, including with honors 3). Graduate  by postgraduate education makes 355 masters on 31 specialties of the profile and scientific and pedagogical directions.

The greatest percent of graduation  on the direction of preparation makes "Technical science": on a bachelor degree – nearly 46% from total  and 37,2% - on a magistracy.

Among  faculties the greatest graduation in 2016 makes on Тechnical department – 522 students.

For  500 graduates (23%) made recommendations for entering  in a magistracy.

Among 209 bachelors who graduated the university and  (8,6%) got diploma with honors . The greatest percent diploma with honors  students of faculties: veterinary science and technology of animal husbandry – 19,5%, Тechnical - 11,5% and Land management - 9,9%.

The expected  graduation 2016-2017 academic years as of 01.10.2016 makes 2851  students, of them on full time education – 2258, on half time education – 149,  magistracy -  428 and on a doctoral studies - 16 students.

The Expected Graduate 2016-2017 academic years