Provision of employment and career

If  you are a student or graduate of S.Seifullin KATU and you are actively considering a place for practice training or a suitable place of work on a specialty, Center for Career and Business of S.Seifullin KATU is ready to support you! The center has worked for you since 2015. The Centre acts as a key and a link between the university and employers, providing students and graduates of the University about planning and career development, as well as in establishing and maintaining communication with the university. 

At the Center you can:

- Get information about the places where you can train the professional and research practices;

- Obtain information about job vacancies and offers from potential employers;

- Obtain information about carrying out career activities;            

The purpose of the Career Center and Business:

To form career skills, facilitate professional promotion, and to help graduates to find jobs.

The main directions of activity of the Center are:

- Assistance in organizing the passage of teaching and study, professional and undergraduate practices and internships for students of S.Seifullin KATU;

- Organization of events with potential employers - meetings, job fairs, seminars, company presentations, etc .;

- Information and analytical work in the labor market, including monitoring the work and the organization of public opinions;

- Informational support for students and graduates;

- Employment of graduates of S.Seifullin KATU;

- Improving the competitiveness and mobility of graduates of S. Seifullin KATU in the labor market.

Nurzhan Askarov Kuralovich - Director of the Center

Issabekova Aigerim Shoykyzy - Chief Specialist

Fazylova Saltanat Dulatovna - leading specialist

Mahambetova Aizat Kazhibaevna - expert

Contacts of the  Center: 000010 Astana, 62 Pobedy avenue, main building, 2nd floor, 1228 office

Contact phones: 8 (7172) 31-73-43 e-mail. mail:

Practical training of students

Employment of graduates