Centre of International Cooperation and Multilingual Education

«The main criterion of the success of the educational reform is the achievement of such level when any citizen of our country, having got the appropriate education and qualification, will be able to become a demanded expert all over the world».

N.A.Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Meiramova Saltanat Akimovna - Director of the International Cooperation and Multilingual Education Center, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Teaching methods of Foreign languages.

The President of the country N.A.Nazarbayev has put a high level for the national education. The education has to be competitive, high-qualified enough that graduates of the kazakhstani higher school could easily continue the postgraduate education in the foreign high institutions. The introduction of education in three languages into the teaching-educational process of the university - is absolutely an important step forward in the direction to realize the development concept of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan till 2015. One of the basic competences is threelinguism, Eurasian multiculture, communicativeness and technocraticism.

The department of multilingual education IC and MEC of Kazakh Agro Technical University named after S. Seifullin carries out the activity according to RK Constitution, the Law "About Education" and other normative documents in the field of education.

The decision on introduction of multilingual education and creation of The International Cooperation and Multilingual Education Center was accepted on 16 July 2012 (order No. 341 and order No. 343). Director of the International Cooperation and Multilingual Education Center is headed by Meiramova Saltanat Akimovna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, holder of two Grants:
1) Grant of the American embassy in the field of linguistics according to the Development Program of teachers of high institutions (JFDP, Junior Faculty Development Program) at Oklahoma State University (the USA, 2009-2010). Certificate. 2) Scholarship of the international program «Bolashak» in the field of the theory and methodology of professional education at The University of Glasgow (Great Britain, Scotland, 2011-2012). Certificate.

The structure of the International Cooperation and Multilingual Education Development Center (further IC and MEC) puts into itself operation of four divisions: Department of the International Cooperation, Department of Multilingual Education, Kazakh-Chinese center of science and education, Department of Foreign Languages.

The Work of the IC and MEC is carried out by the Chief of the International Cooperation – Kitaibekova Sara Orazbekovna and expert – Akylbayeva Aygerim; - the Senior methodologist of the Kazakh-Chinese Center of Science and Education - Duman Imanmadiuly, the methodologist – Zhanar Zhakankyzy; - the employee of department of multilingual training - Sarsekeeva Aynash; - the Head of Foreign Languages Department – Rakhimbekova Guldensin Orazbekovna and Tutors of multilingual groups, the senior teachers of Foreign Languages Department - Rustemova Saule Kukenovna, Rakhimova Damet Mukhsinovna, Baygoshkarova Magrishat Imangaliyevna, Alimzhanova Baldyrgan Esentayevna, Sagatovoy the Bayan Akanovna, Baymakhanova Angela Bershimbayevna, Baltayeva Anar Kamitkanovna.

The main objectives of the IC and MEC are the following:

Teaching staff is the major factor which provides quality in education system. In this regard, the special attention is paid to ideas to improve process of vocational training of teaching staff and introduction of effective mechanisms to realize multilingual education.
- to improve the system of preparation of teaching staff for programs of multilingual education;
- to form "the new quality standards" - systems of additional requirements to the contents, conditions and results of educational process;
- to work out and modernize scientific and methodical base for development of multilingual education;
- to work out and realize new mechanisms of development of multilingual education at the S. Seyfullin KazATU;
- to provide a sustainable development of programs of multilingual education;
- to support and develop the international activity of university;
- to integrate S. Seifullin’s KazATU in world educational and scientific systems;
- to provide informational support of the international activity of university;
- to carry out the work with foreign students.

The main functions of the IC and MEC:
- preparation of the international agreements;
- search, establishment and maintenance of connections with foreign partners who contribute to the improvement of the level of teaching and scientific work at S.Seifullin KasATU and its reputation abroad as one of the leading universities of RK.
- preparation of recommendations about the priority directions of S. Seifullin KazATU with foreign partners;
- coordination of the activity of university divisions in development and implementation of the international agreements, programs, projects and contracts in which S. Seifullin KazATU participates;
- initiation of informal participation S. Seifullin KazATU in international associations which correspond to interests of the university in educational and scientific spheres;
- assistance to departments, divisions and the staff of university in their initiatives to develop international relations, to implement joint mutual advantageous projects with foreign partners.

Expected results:
- to determine the main trends of work of the IC and MEC on development of multilingual education;
- to increase interest of youth toward learning languages;
- to provide public awareness and formation of positive public opinion of trinity development of languages;
- to provide integration of representatives of all levels of an education system in process of formation of multilingual society;
- to create fundamental scientific, methodical and educational base for studying and teaching languages.

Virtual round table on the topic”Scientific priorities of forestry industry development in Kazakhstan and Poland: problems and perspectives” between KazATU named after S.Seifullin and LLP KazRILKh (Shuchinsk) was held on December 4,2012

Contact details:
Meiramova S.A. Director of IC and MEC
KazATU named after S.Seifullin
Pobeda Ave 62, office 611
Tel: 8(7172)317719
E-mail: saltanat.m@mail.ru