Dear lecturers, students, master students and PhD students!

Dear lecturers, students, master students and PhD students!

I congratulate you with the main national holiday of our country – Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

The holiday is unique this year, because our Independence turns quarter of a century.

During 25 years Kazakhstan has become a full member of a world community, a leader among countries of Central Asia and the former Soviet Union, taken a rightful place among countries of the world, which is distinguished by domestic political stability and economic security. Foreign policy initiatives of Kazakhstan, directed to achievement of international warrant of sovereignty and independence of our country, promoted the growth of republic’s authority in the world arena.

Years of Kazakhstan’s independence have been filled with constructive labor of Kazakhstani people on realization of strategic program of country’s leader Nursultan Nazarbayev, which educed our country among countries that can counter challenge of contemporaneity. They are highlighted by success and achievements in economic and social spheres. Today Kazakhstan demonstrates inviolability of state principles of country, based on principle of humanity, sustainable development and equality of democratic social institutions to the whole world. Finally during years of independence Kazakhstani people realized themselves as united nation, joining the idea “Мәңгілік Ел” and directed to future.

With all my heart wish you solid health, peace and reconciliation, success and prosperity, stability and cohesion! May all you beginnings be successful and effective for benefits of coming generation, for benefits of our Motherland!



         rector                                                                   А. Kurishbayev