Republican specialty subject Olympiad

Republican specialty subject Olympiad

In the period from April, 12 to April, 13, 2018 in Almaty, at Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering, the 2nd round of the Republican specialty subject Olympiad, on specialties "Architecture" and "Design" took place.

The competition was attended by 13 students, 10 of which won prizes. Professor Kornilova A.A. and assistant Bayemirova A.Zh. were heads of process from Faculty of Land management, Architecture and Design, of "Architecture and Design" department.

Results on specialty “Design”

Diploma of the Ist place - Altynbekova M.B., Saduakas O.N.

Diploma of the IInd place- Adykhanova B.D.

Results on specialty “Architecture”

Diploma of the  Ist place - Nabiyeva M.T., Meshitbayev M.B., Samiyev N.D.

Diploma of the IInd place - Iskakova T.T., Bosak V.V.

Diploma of the IIIrd place - Dzhanasbayeva A.K., Adilova A.T.

Certificate – Omarbekova B.M., Papakhina V.I., Korkunch A.B.

Diploma “АЛМАТЫГИПРОГОР-1 ЖИ” - Papakhina V.I.