Improving of KATU staff  language training

Improving of KATU staff  language training

To improve the language training of S. Seifullin KATU staff the company InterResCentralAsia , the only representatives of the international company DynEd International, Ink, whose experience is based on more than 30-year global success, has launched English language courses on the basis of DynEd software. These courses offer a unique method of teaching English: a combination of self-study in a program that is installed on all necessary devices (computers, laptops, phones, tablets) and interactive sessions in the classroom (2 times a week for 2 academic hours), where students along with the teacher (trainer) works out and personalizes all the knowledge that was obtained in the online program.

More than 25 million people in more than 50 countries use this system. In December 2017, KATU agreed to conduct a pilot project to test the "DynEd" system for teaching English. 118 teachers and staff of our university passed the test to determine the level of knowledge of English and began to learn by "DynEd" system.

Thus, on June 14, 2018, a ceremony was held to reward teachers who completed the training program, selected by the program depending on their initial level of English, where they were awarded by certificates of international standard CEFR. The meeting was attended by General Director of InterRes Central Asia Company Jeffrey Whitney, Vice-rector for scientific and innovative activities I.T. Tokbergenov, Director of IC and MEDC S.A. Meiramova, The head of the reform and development group Uskenov RB, Head of the KATU knowledge dissemination office Aytkhojin S.K, deans of faculties and teachers who completed the course.

In his welcoming speech, the vice-rector for scientific and innovative activities I.T. Tokbergenov thanked Mr. Jeffrey Whitney for the interest to our university and for this training course and experienced teachers. He also noted that the constant increase of language training is very necessary for our teachers, since teachers with the knowledge of English have the opportunity to provide high quality training to our students in English.

In turn, Mr. J. Whitney thanked for the warm welcome and close cooperation, saying that KATU is the first university in Kazakhstan that tested this system, and as practice shows, very good results have been obtained. For example, the teacher of the Department of Accounting and Audit Bulasheva AA reached B2 level for short terms, giving each day 1.5-2 hours of time for training in the program and regularly attending dialog sessions. For the next academic year, the company plans to introduce this system to the students of KATU, which would help them improve their language skills.

The "DynEd" system, including the logical flow of information, handy interface, interesting content, 100% platform mobility and the unique "Record Manager" for monitoring and control of training once again confirmed that it is the most effective and economically profitable method of teaching English.

Also participants of this course expressed their gratitude to the organizers for the convenient and effective course, wished further successes.
          At the end of the awarding, the participants of the meeting made a memorable photo.