Doctor of the Newcastle University from Great Britain visits KATU

Doctor of the Newcastle University from Great Britain visits KATU

On the 8th of October, 2018 there was a guest lecture of Dr. Colin Lindsey Whitehead from the Newcastle University of the United Kingdom supported by the president of the “Center for Scientific Collaborations” L.A. Kusainova.

The Newcastle University – internationally recognized Research University that received worldwide fame due to research in various fields of science. The university unites 14 superbly equipped research centers where innovative interdisciplinary research is conducted. The university provides excellent opportunities for study, research, sports and recreation, where professional student support and employment services work.

During the lecture, Dr. Colin spoke about the activities of the Newcastle University, educational programs, requirements for admission to the university, and shared information about the plagiarism detection in scientific publications. The applied nature of the information, provided by specific examples from Dr. Colin’s own experience, was a peculiarity of the speech.

At the end of the lecture a productive exchange of views took place on issues of interest. Dr. Colin gave a number of valuable tips to young scientists – master students, doctoral students and teachers of KATU - on how to avoid plagiarism and achieve success in publications.

By the end of the seminar N. Serekpayev, the Director of the Department for Academic Affairs, on behalf of all the lecture participants, thanked Dr. Colin Lindsay Whitehead for his informative presentation, emphasizing his great benefit to all members.