Representatives of Valmont Industries, Inc. (USA) in KATU

Representatives of Valmont Industries, Inc. (USA) in KATU

In 9th of July in Saken Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University (hereinafter – KATU) there was a meeting with delegation headed by President and General Director of Valmont, Mr. Stephen Kaniewski.

The invited delegation also included Mr. Joshua Dixon, Vice President and General Manager of Valley International Irrigation Company, Mr. Richard Spooner, Representative of Valmont Industries in Kazakhstan, and Yerkin Tatishev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KUSTO GROUP.

The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the activities and educational process of KATU, discuss possible ways of cooperation with Valmont Industries.

The delegation was met by the Chairman of the Board of KATU Kurishbayev A.K., Vice-Rector for International Relations Mogilnyy S.V., Vice-Rector and Head of the Center for Science and Innovation Activities Tokbergenov I.T. and the director of the Center for International Relationships Development and Multilingual Education  Meiramova S.A.

In welcoming speech Kurishbayev A.K. thanked the guests for the visit, noting the currently relevant problem of irrigation and the production of supporting irrigation technologies in Kazakhstan. The parties exchanged a summary of the activities of Valmont Industries and the activities of KATU on academic mobility, educational programs. Valmont company and KATU agreed to work out a project on opening Valmont training class on the basis of KATU, and joint implementation of educational programs for specialists in the field of modern irrigation technologies management.

Background: Valmont Industries, Inc. - a leading manufacturer and distributor of products and services for infrastructure and agricultural markets; a large public American manufacturer of circular and linear irrigation equipment of Valley, windmill support structures, lighting and motion poles and steel poles.

Valmont started its activities in 1946.

The company manufactures products in more than 80 different enterprises located on 6 continents, and does business in more than 23 countries. Valmont publicly trades on the NYSE under the symbol (VMI).