Week of languages

Week of languages

On September 25, 2018 under the guidance of Associate Professor of the Kazakh and Russian Languages ​​Department of the Faculty of Humanities S.Seyfullinagrotechnical University Toksanbayeva T. Zh. held an open lesson "The state language - my language", devoted to the languages ​​of the people of Kazakhstan.

The holiday of languages ​​is a symbol of friendship and unity of citizens of our country. Commonwealth, mutual understanding and solidarity of peoples is the main element of the creation of a new Kazakhstan. All this creates a sense of patriotism among the citizens of Kazakhstan.

The celebration was held in Kazakh, Russian and English languages, with the participation of students and teachers in 5 languages: Kazakh, Russian, English Chinese, French languages, concerts and various intellectual games.

 Zaynulina Amina, Matasova Irina, Mannapova Dana performed the event in three languages, and Taraburov Kirill read poems "Your homeland", Elemesov Duman "My language". Darina Kopsattarova organized the game, Ormanbek and Omirbek Nurlykhan competed in the proverb, Maidasheva Aizhan read verses in French and performed with guitar. ОnischencoViyachislav read a poem and read Cherepanov Nikita.

Students were active in an opencuratorial hours of education and were awarded certificates for their contributions.