Council of young scientists

Council of young scientists of the Kazakh agro technical university of S. Seifullin is constantly acting joint consultative body on the voluntary basis.
Council represents the youth meeting of plenipotentiaries of university (till 40 years inclusive) forming and pursuing youth policy, protecting interests of young scientists in the professional sphere and social problems. Council of young scientists was set up according to the solution of Academic Council of university (March 24, 2004) (order No. 16). Activity of the Council is directed on increase of efficiency and productivity of scientific, educational and methodical works of teaching staff aged till 40 years.
Activity of the Council is carried out on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, according to the Charter of "S. Seifullin KAZATU" JSC, on the basis of standard legal documents regulating activity of University and also the principles of democracy, voluntariness, publicity, equality and self-government.
Council of young scientists isn't legal entity and carries out the activity according to the regulations of Council of young scientists.

The Council is set up on the purpose:
- assistance to young scientists in increase of their professional level;
- developments of scientific potential and realization of their creative opportunities;
- representations, protection and realization of professional, intellectual, legal and social interests and the rights of scientific youth in "S. Seifullin KATU" JSC;
- promotion of scientific knowledge and the latest developments of science.

The main objectives of the Council are:
- assistance to professional growth of scientific youth of "S. Seifullin KAZATU" JSC, development of youth scientific initiatives and to fixing of young scientific shots in "S. Seifullin KAZATU" JSC. Preparation of suggestions for improvement of scientific work in "S. Seifullin KAZATU" JSC;
- assistance in ensuring organizational and financial support of scientific activity by the young scientist, their participations in research projects and programs, scientific training, contests, scientific conferences and seminars held in Kazakhstan and abroad;
- informs about scientific projects and programs, about the funds giving support of scientific researches young scientific (grants), the scientific and educational centers in the country and abroad, and also the profile events (conferences, seminars) which are carried out in Kazakhstan, the countries of the near and far abroad;
- organization and assistance to carrying out scientific conferences, seminars, round tables and competitions on the best scientific and technical products, assistance to young scientists in the publication of articles and reports;
- participation in certification of undergraduates and trainees at a meeting of Scientific and Technical Council of university;
- carrying out the activities directed on rendering to young scientists the help in development of methodology and a research work technique; assistance to the scientific and technical and cultural growth of young scientists;
- organization of information support of scientific youth, submission of information about vacancies, funds, grants, conferences, schools and other activities for scientific youth support;
- formation of information database of scientific researches and development of young scientists of the scientific organization, research institutes, higher educational institution;
- assistance in involvement of young scientists to active work on domestic and foreign grants, at entrance in a magistracy,
- training and passing an examination, carrying out researches and protection master's theses;
- promotion of young scientists works to nominates for awards of the Ministry of science and the higher education and other ministries, recommendation of talented young specialists in magistracy or doctoral studies;
- representation in the administration of University the recommendations and offers according to work, life and rest of young scientists;
- assistance to the young scientists initiatives directed on the solution of their social problems.

Total amount of university's young scientists are 339 (45% of total number of TS), among them doctors of science 4, PhD 2, candidates of science 97, masters of sciences 151.

Structure of the university CUS
1. Murzabekova Leyla Mazhitovna – the chairman of CUS, c.v.s., senior lecturer, faculty of V&TLS;
2. Smagulova Mirgul Esengaliyevna – the vice-chairman,, senior lecturer of chair of professional education, CS&PE faculty;
3. Zhakupov Talgat Mukhamedkhasanovich – c.t.s., associate professor, power faculty;
4. Zhumagulova Adiya Askarovna – c.t.s..,associate professor, land management faculty;
5. Mimenbayeva Aygul Bilyalkyzy - the secretary ofCUS;
6. Nogayev Adilbek Aydarkhanovich – c.a/c.s., assistant, agronomical faculty;
7. Bekbayev Kayrat Serikzhanovich – c.t.s..,senior lecturer, technical faculty;
8. Kakimzhanova Margarita Kabdulayevna –,senior lecturer, humanitarian faculty;
9. Baydakov Asylbek Kanayevich – c.e.s.., associate professor, economics department;
10. Mussina Aygul Arshiyanovna - lecturer, architectural faculty;
11. Berdygozhin Ansar Serikovich – master, assistant, power faculty.

POSITION ON THE BOARD OF YOUNG SCIENTISTS Kazakh Agro Technical University. S.Seifullin