Office of Commercialization

Head of the Office of Commercialization
Aygul Adilzhanovna Nurmukhanbetova

Astana, 62a, Prospect Zhenis Street
main building, university administration, office 614
Ph.: (8-7172)-31-02-45
Fax: (8-7172)-31-60-72

The Office of Commercialization of the S. Seifullin Kazakh agro technical university is formed by the order of the rector on the basis of the solution of Academic Council meeting of S. Seifullin KATU( Protocol No. 17 25.04.2013) according to the results of a contest on selection of scientific research institute and HEI on the April 24, 2013 spent by "The National Technological Development Agency" JSC within implementation of the Program for development of innovations and assistance in the technological modernization approved by the Resolution of the government of RK (No. 1308, 30 November, 2010)

Purposes of the Office of Commercialization
- commercialization of completed scientific development and introduction of results of researches in production;
- commercialization of the consulting services of university staff rendered to the enterprises and farms various forms of ownership of agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan;
- providing university with additional off-budget financing by means of commercialization of its development and services.

Tasks of the Office of Commercialization
- carrying out examination of research results and development and development identification, perspective for commercialization;
- an assessment of the available intellectual property at university;
- carrying out market researches;
- "packing" of scientific development in a form of the perspective innovative project;
- development of the investment memorandum and search of investors;
- development of policy on distribution and legal fixing of the rights for the future intellectual property between all parties participating in process;
- providing consulting services in protection of intellectual property and to licensing;
- management of commercialization projects at a stage of technologies introduction in production;
- rendering services in a choice of the direction of further modification and maintenance of objects of intellectual property, etc.;
- ensuring carrying out research and development by production companies request;
- ensuring carrying out the new scientific researches financed by the state or international programs / funds in priority for them areas;
- adjustment of contacts with subjects of private business for commercialization of results of scientific researches and development;
- creation of new hi-tech start-up of the companies (businesses).