Student Scientific Circle «Mangilik El»
Student scientific club "Young researcher"
Debate club «Amanat»
«Atameken» Historical club
Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted (КVN) "Kazatu team"
English speaking club
«Dostyk» student club
Talk show club “New wave”
«Kalamger» literary and creative club
Historical club "Miras"
Instrumentalists club «Music Empire»
The girls’ club ''Symbat"
Philosopher’s club «Tanym»
Student scientific club «Young scholar»
Creative club «Youth. Talent. Mastery»
Intellectual debate club ''Elite"
French club
Club «Business and entrepreneurship»
Club «New press»
Club «IT-specialists»
Volunteer club "Volunteers"
Guitarist club «Nirvana»
Informative club “The Leader”
Club "Let’s be healthy together"
Club «Needlework Masters»