Social security of university students

Social support of students at the university is a priority direction of the development plan of the Kazakh Agro Technical University named after S.Seifullin. The University management pays close attention to the conditions of students of different social categories. To date, 119 students who have remained without parental care, 2 774 students from single-parent families, large families, students with disabilities and 54 family students study at the university.

In order to provide material support to students who have been left without parental care funds are regularly allocated from the funds of the Student Fund, as well as from the University Development Fund. Students of this category live free in student hostels, use Internet services, eat free in the dining rooms of the university, and material help is provided from the funds of the Student Trade Union Committee.

Students from large families receive monthly tickets from the Akimat of Astana.

Taking into account the social situation of students, favorable conditions have been created in student hostels, that is, the cost of living in a hostel per year is 41420, 00 tenge.

Each dorm room is provided with the Internet network. Currently, all student hostels have the campus network with a speed of 504 mb / s, with the provision of IDTV and IDPhone in each room. At the same time, long-distance talks all over Kazakhstan are free.

In each room there are refrigerators. Also, in order to support students, low prices at feed points are established (the cost of a fixed meal is 290 tenge).

In 2013, for the first time in the campus, a student polyclinic was opened. Students are served in three health localities by 3 doctor-therapist, cardiologist, neurologist, psychologist and 6 nurses who provide timely qualified medical care and treatment. In order to monitor the health of students living in hostels, in the evening, the staff of the medical center is regularly on duty.

In 2016-2017 academic year, a student hostel for 592 places was put into operation.

On the territory of the university there is a social shop "Student", a pharmacy where consumer goods are sold at reasonable prices. All student hostels have gyms, a hairdressing salon, a sewing workshop, and terminals for replenishing the balance on the phone. Xerox machineы are installed in all buildings and prices for copying services are fixed in the amount of 5 tenge.

The university pays due attention to students’ full-fledged free time. Conditions for free visiting of the above-mentioned categories of the city theaters by the students are created. Students have the opportunity to go in for sports in the sports complex "Orlyonok", and also in winter and summer time to have a rest in EHIC "Saryarka" in Shchuchinsk. In December 2014, at the sports complex of the University, a ski base for 190 people was opened.

Every week the Rector receives students on personal matters, there is a telephone hotline (317-564), students ask questions through the university's website. This work provides an opportunity to solve all the social problems of students.