Student dormitories

The department coordinating the students’ dormitories functions in the university. Traditionally the department pays special attention to the students’ dormitories. Very important work is carried out by the students’councils which are the most effective body of student's self-government at university today.
Work of bodies of the student's self-government, the youth organizations, structural branches on work with the youth allows to coordinate the activity of all links of difficult educational process, to send to the correct necessary course.
For the purpose of providing the representation of students in the supreme bodies of management S.Seifullin KATU 9 students, representatives of the youth organizations and faculties are included into the Structure of Academic Council of the university. 12% of the general structure of Academic council of university are students. Within the academic year students actively took part in the work of the Council, made a number of offers on professional orientation work, introductions of psychological service to the staff of university, to development of state language, student's science, etc.
To support the students from needing families at university the medical center givinga big range of medical services functionates.
During the given academic year about 600 students could restore the health in the medical center.
Construction of the students’ dormitory for 592 students is also a concrete indicator of social support of students.
The administration constantly interacts with the self-government institutions and youth associations giving them all kinds of help and support.
The studens’ self-government – one of the forms of educational work of higher education institution which is carried out within "the concept of continuous education", directed on the formation of comprehensively developed, creative personality with active living position, training of modern experts competitive in the labor market.
There are 5 student dormitories in the possession of the university. The dormitories have all conditions for living: recreation rooms, computer rooms, ablutions, etc. There is a hairdresser's, a dry-cleaning and other facilities in each dormitory.
Under the direction of Akhylbek Kazhigulovich the plan for implementation of the program of KazATU for 2012-2015 has been adopted. This program aims at the construction of the dormitory for 592 rooms which, in the long term the administration will provide 80% of students. It is also planned to provide students with the dormitory in 2012 in 52%, in 2013 in 53%, in 2014 in 64%, in 2015 in 75%.
The work of the student government at the university has its origins and rich traditions. Throughout its 55-year history thestudents of the University have always been noticeable for their active position.. And now we can bring a lot of examples that today's students carry on the tradition of the university establish by their predecessors.
Today we have the students’ government, which is indeed involved not only in the social life of the university and the city, but also sets a role model for students of other universities. Notable success was achieved by the student government at a dormitory where the students themselves and the student council play a major role in following the rules of living in a dormitory, provide service conditions, appropriate way of life and order. Over the recent years we have managed to build such system, in which the dormitory’s student council is responsible for making decisions itself. We believe that the rector of the University has chosen the right method of educating students, emphasizing their responsibility for maintaining order, where they live. In recent years numerous city and state review-competitions between the dormitories have been held. According to the results we have achieved good stats.
In 2007, the youth wing of the party “ZhasOtan” held a competition named “Best dormitory of Astana, 2007”. Among twenty dormitories of secondary and higher educational institutions of the city, the title “Best dormitory of Astana” was awarded to Dormitory 7 of our university. It is also encouraging that it was marked as a dormitory with the best student service.
In the terms of the state contest “Meninarmanymdaghyaskhana” (The best canteen) our canteens were declared as the winners. In 2009, Dormitory #5 was entitled as the best students’ dormitory of the country. This competition involved 96 dormitories in Kazakhstan, and Dormitory# 4 was listed in the top ten among other universities.