Work of the youth committee

The strategic objective of the Youth Committee in the field of the youth policy is to provide the conditions of educational process on the basis of modern technologies of work with young people, as well as the full development and self-realization of personal qualities of students that can make a great contribution to the development of Kazakhstan's society.
Youth Committee carries out its activities in the following areas:
-Organization of activities to implement the State Youth Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the enforcement of the rights and social protection of students;
-Coordination of the activities of public organizations of the University, local government, study groups and clubs;
-Organization of prevention of religious extremism, crime among young students and the fight against corruption;
- Organization of activities for socio - political, moral, ethnic and cultural education and promotion of healthy lifestyles;
-Organization of recreation activities in order to prevent tobacco smoking and reduce the number of smokers among students and struggle against drug addiction;
-Cooperation with the Department of Languages and organization of joint activities held in the state language;
-Organization of activities with moral and psychological impact aimed at instilling elements of culture and creative outlook and respect for old people.
The supreme body of the Youth Committeegovernment is Presidium. The Presidium of the Youth Committee consists of the Chairman (Chairman of the Presidium), his assistant, chairmen of the youth committees of the Departments, heads of branches of the Committee, representatives of public organizations of the University. At the meetings, Presidium of the Youth Committee deals with all the matters relating to the University youth, listen to the reports made by the youth organizations. Decisions of the Presidium of the Youth Committee are issued in the form of Regulations, directives must be fulfilled by the Youth committees of the Departments, the structural units of the Committee, representatives of public organizations of the University.
There are 15 sectors in the Youth Committee of S.Seifullin KazATU.
Social organizing sector - organization of events and provision with all necessary technical equipment and facilities: participants, stage equipment, event supervision.
Training Sector - help in organization of competitions and research projects: identification of gifted students in science, help students lagging behind in their studies.
Cultural mass sector - selection of the material to the script: writing the script for the events, identifying talented students.
Sports sector - organization of sport events: identification of gifted students in sport, work with lecturers of physical training.
Friendship Club "Dostyk" - the university enrolled a large number of foreign students. Friendship Club "Dostyk" was founded in order to support a friendly atmosphere among students and involve foreign students in different activities.
Dormitories and students’ councils - mentoring students of the Department living in the dorms and holding different activities.
Mass media sector - all the activities held at the university departments should be reflected in the newspaper "Menin universitetіm" (My university) and in other publications.
Discipline sector is responsible for the discipline of students at the departments, on the campus and in the dormitories.
Literature Club "Zhas Tulek" (Young journalist) participates in poetry competitions, organizes literary and poetic events.
Debate Club "Amanat" participates in debates and helps to organize them.
Domestic policy organizes and delivers lectures. News taking place in the country and all over the world is brought to the students.
International sector works with foreign lecturers and students (Kazakh, Russian and English).
KVN sector - involvement in the organization of KVN
Sector of ethic, moral and aesthetic education - organization of meetings with various representatives of the clergy and organizations concerned with religion.
Sector of Language Development - participation in activities related to the development of the state language, organization of language courses.