Lectures by a biology professor from France

Lectures by a biology professor from France

During the period of February 8 and 22, 2020, Bruno Anselme, a professor at Lycée Fénelon (Paris, France), visited the Saken Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University. Over 2 weeks, Professor Anselm gave lectures and conducted practical classes in biology on the issues of reforming the undergraduate program for professors of the Department of Biological Sciences.

The purpose of the visit is to give recommendations on conducting practical and theoretical classes in the discipline "Biology", which is one of the fundamental subjects for the upcoming double diploma program, together with AgroParisTech in three priority areas of animal husbandry, plant protection and quarantine and soil science.

Within the program of the visit, the professor met with A. Kurishbaev, Chairman of the Board, A. Abdyrov, First Deputy Chairman of the Board, I. Tokbergenov, Deputy Chairman of the Board for Science, Innovation and International Relations, N. Serekpayev, Director of the Department of Academic Affairs and Kitaibekova S.O. acting Director of the Center for the Development of International Cooperation and Multilingual Education, where the objectives and goals of the visit were outlined. The teaching staff of the Department of Biological Sciences involved in the reform of the undergraduate program attended a lecture course for two weeks, received methodological recommendations for lectures and practical exercises, and began to form syllabuses of disciplines.

During work, a meeting was organized with Bruno Anselme and Soltan G.Zh., with the aim of successfully posting new educational programs in the register of ESUVO (Unified Higher Education System). In particular, Professor Anselme provided a description of the disciplines that can be taken as a model for other departments, he developed a biology curriculum with a volume of 22 credits for the first and second educational year, and he also developed criteria for assessing the achievement of students' goals. Professor’s classes were attended by A.K. Kurishbaev, Chairman of the Board

At the end of the lecture course in biology, recommendations were given on the necessary facilities for classrooms, technical equipment, chemicals and consumables, and experimental animals. A list of literature in Kazakh and Russian was compiled, an agreement was reached on the provision of literature in PDF format to KATU. Professor Anselme kindly provides the university with his textbook Biomathematics as a gift.